Missing the Point

There’s a woman I see with regularity at my yoga studio. Sometimes I’m in class with her and sometimes we just pass in the locker rooms. She is, what can only be described as, a Bikram Bitch.

First of all, I realize that everyone is looking for something a little different from each class. That’s fine with me. Everyone responds to the temperature in a different way, too. Some people like it hot. Some people prefer it cooler. This woman, BB, I’ll call her, apparently likes to be hot.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in the corridor outside the yoga room before class. A woman came out of the room where class was going to be held and said to the instructor, “I don’t’ know if you know it, but it’s really, really hot in there.” The instructor said she’d take a look and when she came out, she said to the woman, “Thanks for letting me know. It was up to 120 in there!” Now, again, I know that the 105 is a kind of guideline. But I feel like a 15 degree deviation is in need of correction. If the room was only 90 degrees, I’d think that needed fixing, too. But I digress… Anyway, a few minutes later I was lying on my mat, pre-class, and there was nearly a throw down in the yoga room between BB and the other woman. I don’t know exactly how it started because it started with whisper shouting and I wasn’t really paying much attention until it went LOUD.

BB said, “If you don’t like it hot, I don’t know why you come to Bikram. It’s supposed to be hot!” Other Woman said, “120 is too hot. You can put more layers on if you want to be warmer, or you can go to the hot side of the room.” So BB said, “You’re missing the point of Bikram!”

A few days later, I was finishing up a class and she was coming in. I heard and exchange wherein BB told a woman who said, to no one in particular, that class had been hard for her, “I don’t know why you bother. Your practice is really weak.”

On another day, a new person was in class being raked over the coals, but still giving it his best. After class she said to him, “You’re really disruptive to the class when you sit out postures.”

Talk about missing the point.