Connectivity Problems

I've been having connectivity problems. Not in my relationships, but in my computer. Or router. Or possibly in the modem. Maybe it's the cable company (although they claim no such thing is possible). The thing is, it's really pissing me off.

I'm reduced to 28.8 kbps dial-up speed with almost everything. Now, in the scheme of the world, this problem is relatively small. I realize there are many millions of people who not only do not have internet access, but have no electricity or clean water. I'm not comparing my irritation to the actual problems of large percentages of the world. However, I am about ready to go to the cable company and punch someone in the nose.

I have a new modem that, until a few weeks ago was fully operable. My router was the first suspected culprit when this debacle began, but since, in an effort to work around the problem, I connected the modem directly to my computer and the problem persisted, I cannot blame my router. I have been on the phone with the cable company for what totals many hours over several days. They "test" the speed and tell me that everything is fine. Better than fine. One of the times, the woman told me that my connection was "testing at speeds even higher than you pay for."

I don't know exactly what they're testing when they do these alleged tests, but it isn't making things better. My next remedy will be to get a new modem, but I'm still relatively sure that the problem is somewhere else.

I would look up this problem on the internet, however, with my connection speed being so low, I can't. Literally. Pages regularly time out. So I'm reduced to blogging via email from my phone while I'm on hold with the cable company (again) to have them exchange my "faulty" modem.