Tragedy with a Capital T

When I moved to San Francisco 10 years ago, I got myself a nifty, green, 32-oz. Nalgene water bottle. It was shiny and glorious.

At first, I was very careful with it. I protected it and became agitated when it got scratched. Over time, and after a few nasty spills off my bike and down a hill, I gave up the ridiculous quest to maintain this utilitarian object in pristine condition. I let it get a nice patina. I still took care of it, mind you, but with less obsessiveness.

Today, when I filled it to the brim with water, the cap strap cracked and the top connector-button-thing popped off. It was a single motion, really. The weight of the water just became too much for the poor thing.

Being attached to this particular bottle, I went to the Nalgene website to look for a new cap (I know they sell replacement parts). So I arrive at the site only to find all kinds of information about how they're converting to BPA-free plastic.

They aren't recalling anything, but they are changing over in response to customer demand and a study by Canadian scientists suggesting that BPAs may do bad things to our bodies.

Honestly, I'm not that concerned with having used the bottle for 10 years, but now that I know this stuff, combined with the fact that the bottle has sustained a mortal wound has led me to the conclusion that it's time to say goodbye.

It is a sad day. It's not like anyone died or anything, however, a memorial for my bottle will be held tonight. Matt and I will bid a fond adieu to my beloved bottle and then responsibly recycle it. In lieu of flowers, please make donations in my bottle's name (Fred) to the charity of your choice.

On a happier note, I've already picked Fred's BPA-free replacement. I nearly went with this one, but it doesn't have any kind of connector system for the cap and I really like that feature of the Nalgene. My new bottle's name is Ted. While he'll never be the same as Fred, I'm hoping we can become close. You know, develop a bond.

I'll always love Fred, though. We went through a lot together.

Sayonara, Fred. I always remember the good times.