I work in a cube farm. It looks a lot like Office Space. I do work that requires a lot of space. So in the interest of my continued efficiency, a guy from "Maintenance" came to my cube yesterday and knocked out a wall. So now I have a double-wide. Or, as the maintenance dude called it, an "executive cube." Look out. I'm on my way up the corporate ladder. Or, at least across this rung I'm on right now.

The worst part of this development is that it has me genuinely excited. I don't like my job. I don't hate it, either, but I definitely don't want to make a permanent condition. So the fact that I'm excited by a big cube is a little scary. Am I caving to the corporate mindset? Have I caved already and just don't want to accept it? Fuck. This is not the economy to become self-righteous and high-horsey, but I don't want to be a cog in the machine.

Oh dear god. I may have to go steal some office supplies to make up for this.