The Things I'm Not

I am many things. I'm often impatient. I'm willing to express my opinion (sometimes bluntly). I'm guarded about my feelings. I'm like an elephant with the things I remember (so much so that sometimes I pretend to forget things so I don't really freak people out). I'm decisive and I'm willing to live with my decisions.

I know that sometimes these things manifest themselves in ways that are unpleasant to other people. I might say something that they don't really want to hear or not say something they want to know. I may hurt someone's feelings. It's never intentional. Which is what leads me to what I am not.

I'm not going to lose sleep over the fact that someone may have had their feelings hurt by me in the course of life. Feelings get hurt. I am not here for anyone else's entertainment.

There are plenty of other things I'm not: sweet, perky, particularly affectionate - to name just a few (and I'm not looking for suggestions), but I am also not mean or cruel (the difference between the two is subtle but worth differentiation). I'm not plotting against people. I occasionally wish to tell someone what an idiot they are and occasionally do. Finally, I am not interested in ever explaining this again.