I really hate when people borrow my things without asking. Particularly books. I admit that I'm persnickety about my books. But they are, in fact, my books.

I came home the other day to find one of my books missing from its place on the shelf. I knew who the culprit was, but that knowledge did little for me. Just because we share a space doesn't mean you get to use everything in that space at your leisure. I don't take things from other people without asking - or at the very least letting them know (this last part goes with a longstanding homestead act that is specific to my sisters and me).

The biggest problem, though, is that I know that the borrower of this book has, most likely, taken this book into the bathroom. I don't want to think about this horrifying fact, but it is the key reason I wouldn't want this person to borrow books. I suppose I should have this discussion with people when the first book is lent - to indicate the trend for the rest of the book-borrowing to come. I tend to forget that this is common practice, though (that people take books into the bathroom). It seems an odd and unsanitary habit to me, but then, I'm a germophobe.

Maybe to solve the problem I'll just let the book become a gift and I'll get a new, fresh copy. That really kills two birds with one stone, anyway. That way the book wasn't so much taken without asking as given and I get to maintain my certainty that the book was never proximate to poo. I'm a genius.